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  1. €5.50Pork Shoulder SkewerMarinated overnight and grilled, served with Nahm Jim Jaew sauces made from tamarind, toasted rice powder & chilli flakes.
  2. €5.00Isarn Style Marinated Chicken WingsCoated with sticky fish sauce
  3. €5.00Lightly Fried TofuServed with our home made sweet & sour peanut sauce. (vegan)
  4. €5.50Crispy Rice Vermicelli NoodlesTossed with tamarind caramelised sweet & sour dressing, diced tofu, Chinese chive and roasted onion. (vegan)
  5. €5.50Satay ChickenMarinated fillet of chicken served on skewers with homemade peanut sauce.
  6. €5.00Fresh Spring RollsWith vermicelli, bean sprouts, spring onions, carrots, mixed peppers, fresh coriander and mint served with our homemade sweet and sour chilli sauce. (vegan) (gluten free)
  7. €4.50Crispy Homemade Vegetarian Spring RollsWith vermicelli and finely chopped carrots, cabbage and coriander, lightly deep-fried and served with sweet chilli sauce. (vegan)
  8. €5.50Yum Khao Tord Thai fried curried rice salad tossed with sliced fresh ginger, peanut and coriander


  1. €6.00Creamy Tom Yum Soup Chicken/PrawnFlavoured with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf, galangal and coriander. (Gluten Free)
  2. €6.00Clear Soup With Glass Noodles and Mix...Clear soup with glass noodles and mixed vegetables. A hint of roast garlic and flavoured with soya sauce (vegan)


  1. €11.95Yum Beef or Prawn SaladTossed with fresh chilli, Spanish onion, coriander and lime juice. (gluten free)
  2. €10.95Larb GaiSpicy minced chicken salad with mixed herbs, dried chilli and toasted rice powder. (gluten free)
  3. €13.50Grilled Chicken & Green Papaya Salad ...Marinated overnight with 10 house ingredients served with spicy green papaya salad & sticky rice


  1. €10.00Lao CurryA northern Thai curry. Fillet of beef, fresh dill, roast ground rice, spring onion, Chinese leaf, chilli, French beans and bamboo shoots. Be warned this is one of our hottest curries! (gluten free)
  2. €10.00Classic Green Curry / Gaeng Kiew WarnMade from fresh green chillies, sharpened with galangal, spring onions, and lemongrass, with bamboo shoots, peas, peppers, fresh Thai basil and coconut milk. (gluten free)
  3. €10.00Rich Ruby Curry / Gaeng DangDried red chillies mixed with garlic, shrimp paste, lemongrass, galangal, bamboo shoots, capsicum and coconut milk. (gluten free)
  4. €10.00Aromatic Yellow Curry / Gaeng Gari (m...Made from a blend of turmeric, spices, potato, coriander and onion, thickened with coconut milk, this is another popular southern Thai curry. (gluten free)
  5. €10.00Paneang CurryCoconut milk, kaffir lime leaves, peanuts, dry chilli, fresh Thai basil and French beans. (gluten free)
  6. €11.95Fruity Duck Curry / Gaeng Phad Ped YangMarinated roast duck in a red curry paste with coconut milk, tomato, pineapple and grapes.


  1. €10.00Young Ginger with Yellow Bean Sauce /...Young ginger, spring onion, mushrooms, onions, wood ear mushrooms and yellow bean sauce
  2. €10.00Fresh Thai Basil & Chilli / Pad Gra-PrawFresh garlic, chilli, basil leaves, fine beans & bamboo
  3. €10.00Roast Cashew Nuts & Chilli Oil / Pad ...Cashew nuts, spring onion, mixed peppers, onions and chilli oil paste.
  4. €10.00Oyster Sauce / Pad Nue Nam Mum HoiStir-fried with onions, fresh garlic, spring onions and mushrooms with oyster sauce.
  5. €15.50Crying Tiger / Nue YangGrilled marinated beef fillet served with our hot chilli sauce on the side


  1. €10.00Kin Khao Special Egg Fried RiceWith mixed vegetables, garlic, coriander, eggs and your choice of meat or seafood.
  2. €10.00Pad Thai NoodlesTossed with egg, ground peanut, bean sprout, diced tofu, sweet pickle radish, Chinese chives. (gluten free) (vegan)
  3. €3.50Deep Fried PotatoesWith a hint of garlic and black pepper
  4. €10.00Stir Fried Mixed VegetablesChoice of soya sauce (vegan) or fish sauce (gluten free)
  5. €2.50Steamed Aromatic Jasmine Rice(gluten free) (vegan)
  6. €3.50Fried Rice with Egg (gluten free)
  7. €3.50Jasmine Brown Rice(gluten free) (vegan)
  8. €3.00Egg Noodles(vegan)
  9. €2.50Extra Cashew Nuts
  10. €2.50Extra Chicken / Beef
  11. €2.50Prawn Cracker


  1. €5.00Vegan Fresh RollsStuffed With Salad, Glass Noodle and Fresh Herbs. Served with Homemade Sweet Chilli Sauce (G, P, V)
  2. €10.00Vegan Yellow CurryMade from a blend of turmeric, spices, potato, coriander & onion, thickend with coconut milk.
  3. €10.00Vegan Stir Fried VegetableStir Fired Mix Vegetable with choices of soya sauce, chilli & basil or sweet & sour sauce
  4. €10.00Vegan Fried Rice with Chinese KaleFried Rice with Chinese Kale, tomato, garlic, spring onion, and soya sauce.
  5. €10.00Vegan Pad See Sew NoodleStir-fried Rice noodle with Chinese Kale and soya sauce.


  1. €7.50Kids Fried NoodleFried Rice with mixed onion, mix peppers and soya sauce with selection of meat.
  2. €7.50Kids Fried RiceFried Rice with mixed onion, mix peppers and soya sauce with selection of meat.


  1. €5.50Singha BeerSingha / 330ml / 5% / Thailand / The king of beers. More malty than other Asian beers. Number one selling beer in Thailand
  2. €5.20Black Donkey Sheep StealerScythe / 4.6% / Traditional Belgian pale ale at its best. Irish malt, Belgian specialty malts and American hops and yeast.
  3. €5.20Longway Dry CiderMedium Dry Cider/ 500ml / 4.5% / Carrick on Suir, Co. Tipp, Award winning handmade dry slightly sweet cider made with bittersweet apples
  4. €5.00Maisel's Non Alcoholic Beer00Non Alcoholic / 500ml / 0.4% / Germany / A classic weisse beer, just without the alcohol.
  5. €5.20Gluten Free AleGFA / 500ml / 4.8% / England / Lovely fruit and citrus finish. An outstanding beer with everything but the gluten!!
  6. €20.00Chardonnay (White)Chardonnay, Paparuda, Cramele Recas, Timisora, Romania, ‘18 . Ripe fruits of mango and a buttery tropical side to this full- bodied wine.
  7. €7.00Glera Prosecco Small BottleFrizzante, Veneto, Italy / 20cl / This is a creamy sparkler with lots fresh fruit & sweet citrus aromas.
  8. €20.00Pinot Noir (Red)Pinot Noir, Cramele Racas, Paparuda, Timisora, Ro-mania, ‘18. Dark and rich with layers of complex black cherry, rasp-berry and cinnamon.
  9. €20.50Pinot Grigio (White)Pinot Grigio, Zagalia Garganega, Cantine Minini, Sicily, Italy, ’18. Lovely fresh aromas of white and citrus fruits such as pears and green apples.
  10. €20.50Montepulciano (Red)Montepulciano, Zagalia, Cantine Minini, Abruzzo, Italy, ‘17 A young wine full of juicy blackberry and cherry fruits. It has a lovely touch of spice on the finish

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